Who We Are

Established in 1954, GLGC proudly stands as the oldest African American women’s golf club in the Delaware Valley. Our story is one of passion, determination, and a deep love for the game of golf.

Mission Statement & Vision

To promote the game of golf, encourage young adults to participate in the sport, support other golf organizations in this endeavor, and promote fellowship with our members.

2023-2024 Current Officers

  • President: Ronnie Florence-McPherson
  • Vice President: Angella Moore
  • Treasurer: Antoinette Hill
  • Tournament Director: Sherrilyn Parrish
  • Financial Secretary: Patricia Brooks Bantom
  • Sargeant-at-Arms: Brenda Best-Johnson
  • Recording Secretary: Allene Grove
  • Corresponding Secretary: Marlene Williams 
  • Webmaster: Zakiya Eleby
  • Invitational & 70th Anniversary Chair: Lia Rogers 
  • Membership Chair: Lauren Smith
  • Chaplin: Cherly Hazzard
  • Constitution/By-Laws Chair: Wilhelmina Herbert

Our History

On May 1, 1954, a historic meeting took place in West Philadelphia that would forever change the golfing landscape for African American women. Ms. Lorraine Sawyer, alongside seven other remarkable women, gathered to lay the foundation of the Green’s Ladies Golf Club. These visionary women were driven by a shared vision – to create a golf club where black female golfers could not only thrive but also be respected in the broader golf community. They aspired to inspire other black women who yearned to experience the joy of golf. Our charter members, the trailblazers who initiated this extraordinary journey, were:

  • Lillian Cherry
  • Gladys Gray
  • Alma Fay Horn
  • Lorraine Sawyer
  • Opal Shields
  • Mary Frances Simpson
  • Lubertha Slocum
  • Ann Wilson

Since our inception, GLGC has ventured far and wide, participating in tournaments along the eastern coast. We’re proud to say that our history is deeply intertwined with the growth and evolution of women’s golf in our community. In 1955, we hosted our very first tournament, marking a significant milestone in our mission to provide a platform for African American women in the golfing world.


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