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Green's Ladies Golf Club History


The Green’s Ladies Golf Club, Inc. (GLGC) was founded in 1954 and is the oldest African American women’s Golf Club in the Delaware Valley. On May 1, 1954, Ms. Lorraine Sawyer met with seven other women in West Philadelphia to lay the foundation of the Green’s Ladies
Golf Club. These women were motivated by the need for a totally governed black female golf club to be respected in the golf community and to inspire other black women interested in sharing in the joy of golf. The Charter members were: Lillian Cherry, Gladys Gray, Alma Fay Horn, Lorraine Sawyer, Opal Shields, Mary Frances Simpson, Lubertha Slocum and Ann Wilson.

Through the years the GLGC has traveled extensively participating in tournaments along the eastern coast. The first tournament hosted by the GLGC was held in 1955.

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